The UpT Process

Our team of experts have crafted a unique process to increase organizational performance.
Step 1

Interview & Assessment

Our engagement process is designed entirely around finding the solutions that fits your needs.  Learn more below.

Clarify Your Objectives
Readiness Assessment
Identity Pain Points
Facility Tour
Data Availability
Level of Commitment
How will you measure results?
Step 2

Design Engagement

Agree on elements of proposal
Tailor our solution
Target specifically at your objectives and measurements
Step 3


Time to get to work.

Step 4

Results Measurement

Review results
Measure back to objectives
Key lessons learned
Step 5

Cadence for On-Going Support and Success

Reliability is a journey not a destination.

Word From Clients

"The most powerful team-building activities I have ever participated in.  It is amazing what this activity does for communications and morale!”
Department Manager
“There’s been stuff in the machine room that’s been bothering me for 20 years and now it’s all gone. Happy management is letting us do this.”
Machine Operator
"Our equipment runs better, nagging maintenance issues are resolved, and the work environment is improved."
General Manager
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